A Certified Minority Business Enterprise

Employer Benefits

A Win-Win Situation

Employer benifits of using an employment agency

With a single point of contact & dedicated managers, we create scenarios that work for the employee and the employer.

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Employee Benefits

Systematic Approach

Employee benifits of using an employment agency

No other employment agency offers a similar systematic approach to addressing the obstacles facing the under/unemployed.

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Information Technology

IT Solutions

IT Solutions employment agency

We provide Information Technology Staffing & Augmentation, Consulting Services, and off-site Application Development.

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Insurance Concepts

Key to employment ageny insurance benefits

Access has formed a separate division, Access Insurance Concepts, Inc., that focuses on proactive solutions to the health care dilemma facing the Corporate Community. We have partnered with one of the largest brokerage houses in Pennsylvania to bring the best products served by national carriers.

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Motivation | Determination | Imagination

Access Flagging Services

Sign used in employment agency staffed flagging services

Traffic control for simple maintenance jobs to multi-million dollar reconstruction projects.

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Vendor Management

Venor management offices

Effective coordination, of numerous resources, is essential to success in the Corporate Arena.

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Our Certifications
  • Minority Business Enterprise Certification
  • Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Certification
  • Small Disadvantaged Business
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